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About Our Firm
Numismatic Auctions L.L.C. is the result of over 40 years of growth and development, beginning under creative pioneer Joseph Lepczyk in the early 1970's. The firm was later acquired and managed for a short period by Downie's of Australia. Throughout the years we have developed a dedicated client base of collectors and dealers alike.

After over two decades of working for the company and in partnership, Steven Davis has now manned the helm of the company and has served as owner and manager since 2008.

Our catalogs remain valuable study references in the numismatic community with a long standing history of well over 100 sales conducted since the early 1970's. Meticulous cataloging, coupled with extensively illustrated global publications always make a wonderful showcase for our consignors holdings. Both buyers and sellers recognize our auctions as international and regional favorites and highly anticipate our upcoming sales.

The focus of personal service and attention to both our customers and consignors alike make Numismatic Auctions L.L.C. an excellent choice for both acquisition and liquidation of World, United States and Canadian Coins, Paper Money, Paper Americana, Tokens & Medals, Historical items, Political Memorabilia, Civil War and Militaria pieces & more.

Contact me today to receive auction catalogs, obtain consignment information or to discuss your collecting goals, appraisals, consultations, want lists or liquidation plans.

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Steven L. Davis
Numismatic Auctions L.L.C.
P.O. Box 22026
Lansing, MI  48909
Phone: 517-394-4443
Fax: 517-394-0579