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Specialized Estate Plans

Our Specialized Collector Pre-Estate Planning Services




As time moves forward, we are constantly reminded that our time here is finite and that we are all only temporary curators of the fine rarities we seek and hold so dear. On a daily basis we assist  individuals with forward planning relating to the rare coin and collectible holdings they or their family members  have spent the greater part of their lives obtaining. The greatest mistake we see made is that of being unprepared. A collection can be a very confusing and difficult thing for a non-collecting family member to deal with following any life changing event or tragedy. Time and time again we hear about collections that took decades to assemble that were simply sold to the first dealer or “friend” who came along following a collector’s passing, often at huge discounts in relation to current market levels. Other collections fall into disarray or are damaged by improper storage, harsh cleaning by novice family members or even being deposited into banks or currency exchange at face value. Don’t let this happen to your family after you have worked so hard to acquire the coins in your collection.



Following the passing or long-term care of aging, ill or recently disabled collector family members, more families are faced with the dilemma of dispersing holdings of collectible items. These all fall outside the realm of real estate, stocks, bonds and bank accounts, regularly prompting incorrect advice from attorneys and executors. These items often slip between the cracks due to the lack of knowledge, difficult liquidity and often indiscernible value of such material.  These circumstances often result in tragic horror stories of garage sale liquidations at a fraction of actual value or even worse.


Our reputation precedes us on the Local, State, National and International levels - honesty, experience and dedication to our clients’ bottom line makes us the best choice for brokerage of all collectible holdings. With literally thousands of successful auctions in various venues ranging from public sales, private treaty offerings, catalog productions, mail bid listings, Ebay and Internet services, Numismatic Auctions L.L.C. is the leader in consignment based pre-estate or estate liquidation. Many of our clients often opt to sell their collections while they can still enjoy the proceeds to travel with or even buy a retirement home, remodel or reinvest. If you are considering your options, please give us a call.


We can ease the difficulties in disbursement of yours or a family member’s collection for you today. A single telephone consultation could mean the difference in thousands of dollars for you and  your family. Our service is exemplary and our commission rates are very competitive with many references available upon request. We offer many alternatives to our clients, from cash settlement on smaller estates to detailed printed catalog offerings or Internet listings of larger collections or accumulations. Referrals are always welcome and finder's fees are happily paid on large estates. Contact us today and let us provide the ideal venue for us to showcase your collection, realizing the highest prices for your material.


We offer the following assets and services and will be glad to help you in any way we can.


·         Estate liquidation of all collectibles

·         We reach a global marketplace for our clients

·         Competition at auction nets the highest prices

·        40+ Years Experience in Auctions of rare collectibles

·         Global Catalog, Public, Mail Bid and Internet Auction Services

·         Targeted marketing, advertising and consultations

                                                  ·         Specialized services for Rare Coins, Stamps & Postal History

Numismatic Auctions L.L.C.
P.O. Box 22026
Lansing, MI  48909 
Tel: 517-394-4443
Fax: 517-394-0579