We make the consignment process easy...

Consigning is easy, you have many options open to you for the submission of your coins to auction. You can bring your coins directly to our office or ship your coins to us to list them on consignment sale in our next auction catalog.  We will even fly or drive to you in person if it is a large collection. We are a global Coin Auction firm and travel regularly across the United States and even overseas,  you can let us do all the work to get you the most for your coins! 

We are on your side throughout the deal, we want to sell your coins for the highest possible amount as we work on commission for you - the more money you make, the more money we make so we are on the same side all the way through the process.

You do not have to shop your coins around at coin shows and conventions or haul them from coin shop to coin shop trying to get the best offers - we send our catalogs around the globe and people from all corners of the world visit our website & catalog listings for every auction, bidding on your coins to beat out the next highest bidder - get the most for your coins today! 

We are the consignment Auction House of choice for both dealers and collectors! Providing full color coin images of most non-bullion based items valued at $200-300 and up, lavishly illustrated and meticulously written catalog descriptions plus one on one service. This is something you will never see with the huge coin auction conglomerates who often only photograph items over $1500 with no regard for the years spent on building your collection. Why let your coins get buried in a phone book catalog or internet only listing alongside ten of the same exact coin? That does not help you get the most for your collector grade items. We can highlight your material like nobody else will. Get the red carpet treatment for your coins and put more money in your wallet with Numismatic Auctions L.L.C.

Your coins do not all need to be certified to be sold at auction. We offer raw coins regularly and speculative bidding gets you top dollar without having to invest  time and money in unnecessary certification and plastic to sell your  collector grade coins. We can assist you in determining which coins to certify and which coins you do not need to spend the extra resources on, some coins can certainly maximize value if slabbed, others do not require it. Don't miss out! Contact us today! We may be in your area soon picking up other collections and we publish 2 to 3 catalog listings annually. Our sales get major coin convention and show exposure for your collector material and an international web presence to tens of thousands of active collectors and dealers.

Our commission rates are highly competitive and we can sell all your coins from your $10,000 to $200,000 single item rarities to that double row box of common World Minor coinage, tokens, medals & more - we will sell it all! Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you with selling your collection.